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I am a die-hard Suneeta Rao fan, so this blog is likely to have a major bias. So much so that I am still waiting for her autograph per my sister-in-law’s promise (she worked with Suneeta). I know the readers are going to kill me here, but I would easily consider her to be India’s Sting (Gordon Sumners that is). Look at the similarities, both are time tested (over a decade and a half to two), both evolve with time (80’s pop to soft rock to alt rock / tempo of 90’s and 2000’s) and both have amazing vocals.

I must say her latest release, Waqt is vintage Suneeta, very unlike some of her mid-life experiments


Suneeta gets the indi-pop formula right. Firstly she sticks to the basics that created her fan base:

  • Popish vocals interspersed with powerful indian classical accents “Note this is so unlike the retro fitting fusion artists”
  • Consistent across the scale moments, hitting the low and the high octaves
  • Innovative beats
  • Folksy rhythm accomplishments
  • Great use of the base guitar
  • Memorable preludes

Secondly, she does not hard to blend to a genre like the indian rock bands, read my previous blog on the review of Rock On, you will know what I am talking about.

Third,  she stops at the right now. She makes sure all aspects of the music are tempered, no extra alaap’s (other that the prelude for India Girl.

Here is quick review of the songs

  • Aaj Mohe : average, nothing major to write home about
  • Indian Girl : Decent vocals, innovative chorus,
  • Ishq Da : Not an original song, but the song has awesome vocals, a little bit of Qurbani movies influence. Other than the ISHQ word this song is pretty good
  • Lage More nain : Vintage Suneeta, you can see the RnB influence when the “pop” part of the song comes into play, very well interlaced instrumentals. Gori tera gaun bada meets colonial cousins
  • Sun Zara : this is a song gone wrong, funny lyrics,  questionable beat, reminded me of those songs that Nirupa Roy used to sing to God to get her sons bask..only this time there are english chorus
  • Waqt : Pretty funky and haunting, melange of good aspects of indian modern rock feel, some powerful indian classical, some Hip-Hop, chants, my favourite in the album

But Suneeta, seriously next time please get a better lyricist. Its high time we stop using word like Leherein, Pyar, Mohabbat, Barsat, parvana, dil, etc… come on I am sure we can find a great story without using those words …you have already proved that with Kesariya !!!!


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